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Ready for a saucy threesome?

Hot Sauce Three (3) Pack now available!

Our original Carolina Ripper Hot Sauce infused with spiced rum and Carolina Reaper peppers.

Black Truffle Hot sauce infused with wild black truffle, whiskey and garden vegetables such as red bell pepper, Serrano chilies, red pepper and garlic.

Lastly, our hottest sauce to date, La-Bomb-ba. Tequila and lime infused with chipotle, jalapeno, Carolina reaper and habanero! 

It's the Threesome you never knew you wanted!

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Cap'n Ruffy's

"I never imagined that I would one day have a sauce company, but here I am! Cooking was an escape for me when I was younger. I can remember, as a child, taking all the different spices out of the cabinet and smelling them while my mom cooked dinner for us. As a teenager, when my father was diagnosed with cancer, cooking was my way of coping. At the age of 23 I opened my first restaurant - which was a dream come true! From those experiences and cultivating a true love of food along with way, my sauces were born."


Carolina Ripper Sauce

Our 'Carolina Ripper' hot sauce is made with Carolina Reaper peppers, Anaheim chili peppers and is infused with spiced rum (alcohol has been cooked out). It has a sweet and flavorful beginning, followed with the nice burn you would expect from a quality hot sauce!

Carolina Knopping Sauce

Our 'Carolina Knopping' sauce is a mustard based B.B.Q. sauce that is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. It is made with local, high quality ingredients and lovingly made in small batches!

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William Arthur Sauce

Maumee River Mud Sauce

Our 'William Arthur' sauce is a BBQ sauce flavored with local sweet cherries, Whiskey Bourbon and Chipotle peppers. Named from the legacy of The Cap'n's late father, this is the first sauce in the category of 'Competition Sauces.'

Our 'Maumee River Mud' is based off a steak sauce but it is more than a one trick pony! Derived from freshly grated horseradish and chopped garlic, paired with sweet notes of brown sugar, sweet tomato and a little zine of mustard, this sauce pairs perfectly with any protein!